Romeo and Juliet is clearly the best known love story in the world. It has inspired many films, musicals and ballets but the great danger of this mythologizing is that the play becomes obscured by the Myth.  Paul Stebbings’ production aims to strip away the influence of the myth and reveal the Shakespearian original in all its glory. It is a story of „Two houses both alike in dignity”– but first of all it is a poem, it constructed like a poem. The sonnet form was wildly popular when Shakespeare wrote the play – so the sonnet runs through the text like no other  play. So we take poetry into the style of performance and the visual imagery – the real conflict in the play is between powerful poetic images – Love and Death. We use simple sets but complex music – real Baroque and Renaissance music sung by the performers and recorded on original Baroque instruments. Our production is set in Baroque Italy, not a real Italy but an Italy of the imagination The production has already excited a wonderful response from audiences and critics, playing to full houses across Germany and Central Europe.  And why is ROMEO AND JULIET so popular – partly because in a world riven by futile violence the unbearable perfection of this story reminds us how our petty hatrets are so much less than our potential to love.